Wondering where I went on CapperTek?

Anyone that was watching my picks on CapperTek will notice that I stopped making any predictions. Why? Well, I got deleted for complaining about fraudulent picks! You can read all about that in this blog;

CapperTek Review

For you guys though, it’s the best thing that could have happened. It made me want to take them on and do a better job of helping MMA handicappers than they could ever do. As a result, I started massively improving theĀ  Bet MMA website to include an MMA Handicapper Directory, which has been incredibly hard work but will hopefully be worth it, if we get enough takeup.

I’ve also worked extensively on our MMA Fight Stats pages. If you are making any picks on UFC fights, these betting stats are an absolute must… At the time of writing there are real dead zones where fighters underperform their odds, which you can see on our MMA Favorites vs Underdogs page. You can also see massive UFC fight stats breakdowns by weight class. On that page you can also break down by winning method, fight card position and much more…

So yeah, getting deleted from CapperTek looks to have been the best thing that could happen both to me and to you guys because without CapperTek being the way they are, I’d never have made the Bet MMA site what it is today!

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