MMA Statistics

Our friends over at Bet MMA have the biggest free MMA stats resource on the net. You can use all their stats pages for free but some of them have additional features if you are logged in. You don’t need to pay anything to use those – just log in and you get additional filters and stats.

UFC Fight Schedule
Next UFC Event
What’s better? Betting Favorites or Underdogs in MMA?

In Depth UFC Fight Stats
How well UFC fighters do on their debuts (vs eachother and vs UFC vets)
UFC Stats: What position on the card do fighers fight in each weight class?
MMA Fighter Stance Statistics. Is being a southpaw an advantage in MMA?
UFC fighter age statistics
Top 10 biggest underdog winners in the UFC
Top 10 Fastest Submissions and Knockouts in the UFC
List of UFC Title Fights
UFC Fighters List

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