Cappertek Update – I’ve now been marked as a fraud!? :D

So, as I expected, the admin at Cappertek have edited my pick history to make me look way less profitable and have marked me as a “Scam”.

Oh and they’ve linked the twitter to my personal twitter. I find that absolutely hilarious. Is that intimidation? I mean I’ve had over 100,000 people sign up to MMA Tycoon and they all know my name.

They have changed my 11 unit winning picks to 1 unit picks. I mean really, this is kind of playschool stuff, which presumably they thought they would get away with.

Some people let you bully them, some don’t. If you’re gunna act like I’m a fraud when you’re the one doing the dodgy stuff, you should expect some comeback. So I can assure Cappertek, who I’m sure will read this, that every time they prod at me, I’ll make sure they come out of it looking way worse than I do… You can’t make someone who isn’t a fraud look like a fraud, when they have independent proof they’re not a fraud. Nobody’s going to come out of this thinking I’m a fraud and plenty will come out knowing CapperTek is dodgy as fuck.

So keep pushing CapperTek, keep pushing. Every time you do something shady, you end up looking worse and worse.

So anyway, here’s a video I made of my betting results. I made sure to navigate to my profile so you can see it’s not some copy of the website or something.

Proof of CapperTek profit history before site admin edited it.

This video was made mid-July 2015. Search for on CapperTek now and you’ll see they’ve changed my unit profit from 105.74 units down to 13.27 units by editing my pick history.

I’ve made another video of the current stats, in case they change it again… Please do change it or delete it CapperTek, as I say, you just keep making yourself look worse and worse!

Here’s a screengrab of the current state of play on my old account there.


CapperTek Profile


I know it gets boring me talking about this but it’s only a half day here or there spent exposing these shady characters, so it’s worth the effort in my opinion, if we can save people from losing their money.

Thanks for your time as ever! 🙂

edit – update…. I’ve just been made aware of the “review” they posted on my Cappertek profile,

Cappertek's "Review" of our site

Cappertek’s “Review” of our site

Again, CapperTek’s apparent attempt at intimidation??? Dude, I don’t care if people know who I am. Thousands of people know who I am. Here – this is a link to my house. Anyone who’s nearby, feel free to come say hi and we’ll talk about MMA…. That’s the thing when you aren’t a scam, you don’t have anything to hide.

This picture is from my Linked In profile. Cappertek have also blocked me on twitter on my BetMMA and my personal twitter accounts. “Go figure” as they say in that “review” 😀

All sites claim profitable MMA picks / history / records however none of his services are documented anywhere on the web (except his own sites) or by any reputable 3rd party documentation sites like CapperTek.

Oh… you mean apart from where I videoed my picks, when they were verified on your site. Nice try, Cappertek!

Update 14th Jan 2016. Cappertek contacted me in late 2015 to tell me that Marc, the admin responsible for deleting me, editing my picks and marking me as a Scam, had left his position with Cappertek and the new admin wanted to make things right and apologise. They offered to open up my account on the site again and said I could continue using them. Ultimately I decided that wasn’t something I wanted to do, but they have removed the scam label, the fake review and have restored my picks. I can’t say how Cappertek will act in the future or what this means for anyone else but hopefully that’s a step in the right direction.

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