Bec Rawlings vs Lisa Ellis betting advice

I won’t waste your time if you are looking for a betting pick: I’m not betting this fight. Here’s why.

I did initially pick Bec Rawlings and even casually added her to a parlay last week without really thinking about it (bad move). However, having watched Bec’s recent fights to confirm that initial hunch, I do still slightly favour her but not by enough to actually want to bet.

My initial gut feeling was just that Lisa Ellis is shot and is mentally weak. I still maintain that’s true (however judgemental and disrespectful that might sound). However, Bec Rawling is just not as good as I thought she was and I didn’t think she was that good in the first place. These are my notes on her from watching a few fights;

– Dives wildly in and out of range – i.e. does not operate at a sensible range to land and get out of danger. Not good for someone who’s primarily a boxer.
– Seriously lacking in technique on ground.
– Good gas tank.
– Nice uppercut.
– Throws leg kicks but they’re weak.
– Throws kind of wild combos with hooks in 3s then moves out of range (not particularly effective).
– Gritty.

As I was watching her looking for reasons she would win the fight, I didn’t feel the need to rewatch any of Lisa Ellis’ fights because I had no confidence in Bec Rawlings. All I know is that from having watched those fights previously, I’d have no confidence in betting Lisa Ellis either.

How I envisage it going anyway: Bec to survive bad positions and wear Lisa Ellis out. We’ll likely end up at a decision but which way that will go, I don’t know.

Result: NO BET!

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