UFC Betting Tipster

Anyone looking for UFC betting advice, there’s a new tipster service just opened up at MMABetting.tips.

Their system uses Wisdom of Crowds and clever formulae to come up with betting picks for upcoming UFC events and occasionally betting advice for Bellator and WSOF. So far their success has been incredible… surpassing all other MMA tipsters’ all time profits in just a few months. They are constantly improving their equations to refine the results too and no doubt they will go from strength to strength.

At the moment their predictions cost just $3 per event to view. Oh and if you are a tipster yourself, you can sign up, make MMA predictions yourself and earn credits to view the UFC betting predictions for free!

So check it out MMA Betting Tips!

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UFC 141 betting blog

This weekend sees a big headliner at UFC 141 in Las Vegas for the traditional New Year’s UFC bash. In the main event we have Brock Lesnar taking on Alisair Overeem. Co-main is Nate Diaz against Donald Cerrone and there are some well known (and therefore well researched for betting) names on the undercard too. Here are the bouts:

Betting on MMA – odds listed below.








Looking at the big event, I’m going with Overeem. That is with a little trepidation given his performance against Wedum – i.e. he got taken down rather too easily. However, we have a serious problem on the Brock Lesnar side in the form of his chin. I ask myself, will Brock finish Overeem if we go to the mat? Probably not. So we’ll have plenty of action on the feet and in those periods, Overeem is going to connect. He’s also going to get hit, so it’s not out of the reals of possibility that Lesnar hurts him but playing the percentages, I’d bet on Overeem as a narrow favourite.

In the co-main event it’s hard to see Diaz winning. Cerrone has been on a tear and I see him probably taking a decision. Not sure it’s worth a bet to be honest.

Hendricks vs Fitch I think is probably worth a bet on Fitch. It’s one of those fights that you start second guessing yourself because it seems so obvious. I mean, OBVIOUSLY Fitch will win, right? So we then have to over analyse everything and end up deciding that Hendricks has a chance. No, he doesn’t, Fitch is going to win. Worth a bet.

The rest of the card I’m afraid that I’m not confident enough to offer up much advice, other than get yourself on youtube and watch some fights from the underdogs. All the favourites are beatable fighters so if you think you can see any weaknesses, get on it. One of those guys will probably lose – you just have to pick the right one.

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UFC chat room

If you’re interested in chatting about The Ultimate Fighting Championships and Mixed Martial Arts in general, join our MMA & UFC chat room at MMA Tycoon. There are people in the MMA chat room 365 days a year, 24/7, talking about MMA, so come and join the discussion!

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